Monday, June 2, 2008

Benzoyl and what you eat have to do with acne

Natural antibiotics are great alternatives to the conventional antibiotics given to you by your doctor to treat your acne. Since medical antibiotics carry with them some serious side effects such as joint pain, teeth discoloration, slowed growth, nausea, and so on it might be a far better to go with the natural ones. Natural antibiotics help in improving your immune system and killing the bacterias that causes the formation of acne. Some of the best natural antibiotics include ginger and garlic. Let's start with the first one.
My last tip for today is Washing your sheets and pillow cases! Many people don't change out their sheets which is really gross. When you sleep for seven or eight hours the cotton materials your sheets are made out of absorb the oils and dirt from the air and your body. Eventually your bed could become the breeding ground for the evil acne monster, because all the dirt and oil in your sheets is getting into and clogging your pores. Just wash the evil acne monster out of your sheets and your pillow cases every other day or so and you should be fine.
However, if these acne treatment skincare do not provide you enough relief, you can check your nearest dermatologist who provides you with acne treatment skincare. Some of popular acne treatment skincare includes photo pneumatic therapy, where skin suction and light treatment is performed on skin. In the light ray's therapy, blue light destroys inflammation causing bacteria. Light and heat helps in destroying bacteria that affects sebaceous glands. With the photo pneumatic therapy acne treatment skincare, some of side effects include swelling and redness. However, these are minor effects that heal with the time and you get healthy skin.
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