Monday, June 2, 2008

How touse vitamin b6 for premenstrual acne or pimples and homemade instant cure for pimples and acne india

A lot of makeup or oily makeup can clog the pores with harsh chemicals, giving an opportunity to bacterial growth and multiplication.
What causes genital acne?
Processed meats are overall entirely lacking nutritional value. Meat pies, hot dogs, frozen meats all go through an extensive preparation process which extracts the little nutritional value they have and also allow them to further 'decompose' making them even more acidifying than they already were. Even fresh meat is notorious for its negative effects on pH balance. It is a general fact that a dead animal will have an acidifying effect on your body. That is not to say that it is completely unhealthy. Meat will always have its benefits; protein, energy, some nutrients. But over-indulging in any type of meat is definitely not a healthy choice. In particular, red meats should be kept to an absolute minimum. White meats like poultry and seafood are better options as they are less acidifying and still provide the necessary proteins that a meat should.
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