Monday, June 2, 2008

Coconut oil acne and how to fix really bad acne at home

It's important to treat cystic acne early in order to prevent or at least reduce scarring. It is always necessary to keep the affected area clean and dry (but again, don't over do it or use harsh cleansers). Wash with a soap made especially for acne. You may want to try an over-the-counter acne kit, as they have shown good results for some. Or you can try a simple anti-acne gel or cream that has benzoyl peroxide in it. It is important to be consistent in your treatment program.
Nobody knows for sure the prime cause of acne. Scientists say that acne appears when the hair follicles in the skin get blocked. The reason for this blockage can be growing of the sebaceous glands that are the producers of sebum in human body (sebum is an oily substance made of fat). But nobody knows the reason why the sebaceous glands start secreting excessive amounts of sebum after puberty and in some people they never stop doing so, and why even the members of the same family may be subjected to the acne problem to a very different extent.
With the advancement of technology, comes along the different machineries that are used to make life much easier. Through the help of different skin care experts there are now several modern ways how to get rid of acne scars and acne fast. This involves the use of newly created chemicals, UV rays, and different equipments to see visible results as fast as two to three weeks. Although these modern techniques may need to spend at least a hundred dollars or more, you are sure that these are safe and effective as compared to less expensive products that you can buy over the counter.
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