Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acne scar removal natural way

« ...Plugged Pores a medical situation occasioned by blocked skin pores that cause lesions. Skin pores can be clogged by sebum for a number of reasons that are not yet understood by the Biologists. Dead cells and other biotic organisms get trapped in the pores causing lesions common to spots. The most frequent one is the comedones which appear in two varieties: the black heads and the white heads. White head is a plugged pore that has begun to swell on the skin due to bacteria dead cells and/or other things that has turn out to be trapped under the skin. Its name is derived from its appearance. Those comedones that open illuminating the dark follicle plug from within are the black heads....
...One of the most important aspects that affects acne is your diet. I know, you want to stick to whatever your eating right now. But finding out the certain foods that are aggravating your acne can really help reduce your acne greatly. Of all the solutions to this skin problem, I have to say that changing my diet has been the best....»
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«...One natural cure is made with rosewater and lemon juice. Firstly, you mix half rosewater and half lemon juice. You then apply the mixture to the infected areas which should be left on for around 30 minutes, then simply wash off with luke warm water....»
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