Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home remedies for getting rid of acne fast

« ...Still want to know more? Maybe this easy formula can do the trick for you. Pamper and love your skin. Follow this routine to take care of your skin. Acne would never enter your life and of course you would also laugh off your picking pimples habit......
...Yes, benzoyl peroxide is probably the best medication for acne. But it does carry some side effects such as increased skin sensitivity to irritation and severe rashes. If you have sensitive skin, it just does not make any sense for you. So how do we deal with this situation? We find a better alternative. I bet most of you have heard of tea tree oil if you have researched some information on acne. Yes, tea tree oil is a good, if not better, alternative to benzoyl peroxide. It effectively kills the acne causing bacterias while being gentle enough for your skin to not cause any irritation. So, if you are using benzoyl peroxide, you might want to switch to tea tree oil....»
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«...The skin consists of three layers,the outer layer of skin is the epidermis that contains the skin pigment and is responsible for skin coloring. Then comes the dermis and the deeper layer being the hypodermis. Also contained in this complex network is the sebaceous glands and sweat glands.If they become damaged or infected either through the result of acne, psoriasis or any other break in the skin, the damaged skin will try to heal itself forming new tissue, but left untreated the repaired tissue will not be of the same quality as before....»
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