Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homeopathic acne medicine

« ...While one obviously doesn't want to interrupt such natural life development events as hormones, there are plenty of other acne factors that can be reduced to decrease the amount of teenage acne. The effectiveness in reducing these factors may be in large part determined by just how severe the acne is. When in doubt, it is always recommended that treatments be applied under the guidance of a doctor, preferably a dermatologist....
...All natural apple cider vinegar is a great way to get rid of acne. I am sure you heard of apple cider vinegar but you could be mistaken. This is not your typical apple cider vinegar found in supermarkets, this apple cider vinegar is made from freshly, crushed apples which usually mature in wooden barrels for years, which increases its natural fermentation qualities. It is best to use this type of apple cider vinegar by mixing water to dilute it because it can be very potent. Mixing 2 parts water to every 1 part apple cider is the best rule of thumb. At the first sign of bumps on the face is the best time to apply apple cider vinegar. The best way to apply on face is after dilution, with a Q Tip or cotton ball on the infected area. You will see results within a week! Most people do not like or care of the taste of apple cider vinegar but now it is sold in pill form so there is no excuse for not taking it....»
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«...If you need to learn how to stop acne, or simply better understand your situation, you can obtain some valuable information on Internet. Punch the word "acne" into your favorite search engine and observe the infinite results. The Internet offers plenty of acne treatment products, and pointers that will give you instruction on how to stop acne for ever. Find a cure for your acne by getting online today. It's time to get on with your life and put that beautiful smile back on your face....»
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