Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne free products

« ...Sulfur - A Simple Natural Acne Solution...
...Dosage for homeopathic treatment: they select one dose, and wait for a response. If the homoeopathist sees any improvement or change then the dose is working. So it continues the good work; but not to give another dose till the previous one stops showing improvement as it may cause the slow-down of the remedy then. There are few dosage which a patient has to take in every few hours as per burning or inflammation sensation and some remedies are not schedule but it prescribed as per the individual's response. In case, if a dose does seem to be working then another doe is given and response is awaited....»
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«...There are some causes of acne that can last a lifetime. From the excessive consumption of fatty foods to stress, there are many reasons why your system might react with an inflammatory response in certain situations....»
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