Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting rid of acne permanent laser

« ...Well, the truth is for many of us, we're all leading very busy lives and we aren't taking enough time each day to just relax and calm our minds and bodies. A major contributing factor in the cause of most diseases and excess toxicity in the body is stress. High stress is very destructive to your body as well as to your skin. Myself, I experience the worst acne blemishes and breakouts when I am experiencing higher levels of stress in my life. Whether its high stress, or more normal everyday stress, we absolutely must learn how to cope with it in a healthy way. One natural and very effective technique we can learn is meditation. By taking a few minutes each day to sit down and slow down our minds, we can purposely direct and focus our thoughts on something positive, something that makes us feel good, or feel happy and peaceful. It is when our thoughts are slowed down, and our minds are relaxed, that our bodies will be relaxed as well....
...The main key to solving the common acne problem is to understand the root of the problem itself. You have to understand that there is actually not a single cause of the condition. In general, what causes acne is the sebum. More specifically, it is the overproduction of this natural oil by our sebaceous glands. And when there is overproduction of sebum oil, your skin pores actually become clogged in the process. This would then lead to the formation of acne on your skin. Logically speaking, the first thing you should do is to find a way to reduce the production of sebum oil. The second thing would then be to determine the appropriate products to use in the process of unclogging your skin pores. The third thing would then be to implement the usage of these products....»
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«...Garlic is also well known as a kind of natural antibiotics, by eating in more garlic, the acne causing bacteria in your body will be killed effectively. This also means that you are reducing the amount of acne on your face as well as preventing future acne breakouts. Garlic can be consumed naturally or by pill. In my opinion, taking it naturally is a better option since it retains much more of its anti inflammatory and antibiotics abilities....»
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