Saturday, September 27, 2008

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« ...There are many tips for getting rid of acne naturally and these are just a few. Everyone has there own "home remedies" at getting rid of this awful skin disease. From Echinacea to Lemon juice with water their are many ways to get rid of acne naturally that won't leave you broke and with peeling and cracking skin. I personally recommend the Overnight Acne Guide because it outlines all the natural tips for getting rid of acne. Dr. Louise Griffin spent the last 8 years studying it which is longer than I've had acne so she definitely knows what shes talking about. I mean how else can you guarantee to get rid of acne in one day? No pimple cream I know of would dare make that guarantee that is unless they are ready to go bankrupt....
...Recognizing this underlying fact should help to reduce some of the stigma that is accompanied with acne. It should also allow people who are enduring their acne to take some degree of comfort in understanding that they are not necessarily less clean than other people. The truth is that they have very little actual control over what is going on beneath their skin....»
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«...Aloe vera is another magical herbs that you can use right away to get immediate results (almost) on your acne condition. It contains a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals that can prevent acne and replenish the skin. Aloe vera also is proved to be very effective in healing acne scars. Make sure you use aloe vera to your advantage if you are to get rid of acne....»
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