Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top acne products

« ...So what's the point? The point is that despite its widespread nature and the obvious social impact that it has, acne remains something of a mystery for medical science. In plain English, we do not know exactly what causes acne. As dermatologist Dr Andrew Waite says, "Acne is somewhat like the common cold. Almost everyone gets it, but we don't know exactly what causes it, and therefore cannot formulate a pinpoint cure for it."...
...Many skin care products are used as a measure to prevent acne; products like skin cleansers and toners fall into this category. In the real sense, these products are just those that should be part of your daily routine; there use is not just confined to individuals who are suffer with the complaint. Some of these products are designed to act like an acne skin care product and act against the causes of this complaint; they clean out the pores to help stop sebum or oil which can clog these areas. These types of products are reducing the chance of oil staying in the pores and aiding the growth of harmful bacteria which assists the formation of the skin condition....»
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«...The medical term for the common facial acne is 'acne vulgaris'. This skin condition affects almost 85% of the population. Usually around the age of 12 to 24 is the most affected. The invention of the procedure has been the best solution to the million of people affected with 'acne vulgaris'. Options for acne treatment were widened with the creation of chemical peel procedure....»
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