Saturday, September 27, 2008

Does eating chocolate cause acne

« ...Another great homemade acne treatment is a honey and apple mask, again it is all natural, and it's also great for people with oily skin. You will need to grate the apples into a fine pulp, then mix in four tablespoons of honey. Just apply to your face, leaving it on for ten minutes, rinse the mask off and you are done. Very inexpensive homemade acne treatment again....
...While the steps in any makeup routine remain the same with only ever so slight modifications to account for different skin types, the type of makeup that one uses has to be carefully thought out and considered before application. Yes, finding the right color makeup to match the skin tone is very important, and the right color in a different brand should not make much of a difference, but you must remember that the acne prone skin is a lot more sensitive to makeup and other chemicals than any other skin. It is wise therefore to find makeup that is specially formulated with acne prone skin and acne scarring in mind - these should be light and oil free makeup...»
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«...Lobelia helps encourage the flow of oxygenized blood, which in turn helps remove obstructions, congestion, and toxins....»
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