Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dead sea salt acne skin care

« ...With so many cosmetic companies vying for your attention, many offer free samples as a means of gaining your interest and hopefully your business. Being able to sample a product can be extremely useful in the sense that you are able to gauge your skins sensitivity to the product before making a purchase. Certainly no one wants to pay for a product that results in painful peeling or possibly a skin rash. You can also determine whether or not the product has a pleasant feel or smell. Lotions or creams that leave your skin feeling irritated or oily may leave you looking and feeling worse for the wear....
...Antibacterial/ antifungal - echinacea, white willow bark, calendula, goldenseal, blue flag, nettles, cleavers. Lavender kills germs on the skin, stimulates new cell growth and helps heal acne scars....»
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«...Teen acne is capable of following you on through those awkward years on into your adult years, making them difficult as well. Again, when asking what is the difference between teen and adult acne, you cannot say it is dirty skin. Even though the ages are vastly different, the same causes still hold true in the latter years of living, the same as in the earlier years. Changes in your body as you get older, and your dietary needs change along with your intake, these points factor into the larger scheme of things and better enable you to understand what is the difference between teen and adult acne....»
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