Monday, August 4, 2008

Acne treatment in mansfield and tips on getting rid of acne

2. If you still have several days or even a week before that big date, you may want to try using the more natural acne remedies. Try eating more vegetables and fruits. You can also try to do relaxing activities and avoid getting stressed as stress is one of the leading factors of acne. Keep your face clean and avoid touching your face with your hands or anything that is dirty. Steer clear of junk foods and fatty foods too.
Scars tend to be created when pimples are pushed, smashed or broken. They can also occur spontaneously. Regardless of how those acne scars are created, the effect is the same. Simply a painful reminder of the dreaded condition.
Acne is not simply caused by dirt or build-up, but dirt and oil can worsen the condition. Other factors that elevate the chances of acne are certain tumors, endocrine disorders, oily skin, exposure to weather extremes, hormonal changes, stress, and the use of certain drugs (such as estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and others). Acne is not contagious. A tendency to develop acne can persist through ages 30's to early 40's.
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