Monday, August 4, 2008

Best scar removal method for nodular acne and how do i get rid of acne on my ass

The people all over the world are worried about their appearances. The skin care treatment industry has become a global money-maker, earning billions of dollars each year from people across all demographics.
Since teenage acne is mainly due to the increased level of androgen in your body, you have to learn the effects androgen has over your acne condition. To promote growth of your body, your hormonal system releases androgen. Androgen, aside from being a stimuli of growth also has effects on your sebaceous glands under your skin. When sebaceous glands receive react with androgen, they will secrete sebum to remove excessive dead skin cells on your face. Since the amount of androgen is increased, the sebaceous glands release more sebum to your skin. The excessive sebum will create a mild mixture with the dead skin cells, sticky enough to block the pores.
Are you looking for the best treatment for your acne scars?Read on this article might help you to get rid of your acne scars by natural way
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