Monday, August 4, 2008

Neutogena advance solutions acne mark fading peel and swelling of the face because of acne

Many people suffer with the skin condition known as acne or Zits; but there are now many treatments available which can help the condition so it is more bearable. It is one of those areas where research has continued to make advancements; the result of this effort is new, more effective, treatments are becoming available. Although there may seem like a huge range of acne skin care products, they can be broken down into three broad categories:
Dermatologists cure acne
Acne therapy is used to treated certain causes of acne. The main and most common problem causing acne starts in the sebaceous gland that attaches to the follicle of the hair. These glands secrete an oily substance called sebum. This sebum is needed as a lubrication for the skin and the hair. The sebum goes from the bottom of the hair shaft and moves out onto the skin surface. When the sebum production goes into overtime, the accumulation of this and the skin cells that are dead on the outside creates a barrier over the opening of the gland. The larger the blockage becomes, the more the follicle wall will rupture. This, in turn, causes even more accumulation of sebum and skin cells. You now have a clogged pore or more commonly called "pimple". When this type of blockage moves across the skin to other glands, acne appears in red clothes. The bacteria in the sebum adds more infection and inflammation to the area causing the acne to worsen. The best acne treatments remove the oil accumulation and grow new skin cells more rapidly than before to prevent accumulations of dead cells. The best acne treatments also need to fight the infections caused by the bacteria. This is where those combination therapies come into action providing relief for not only the clogged pores but also the bacterial on T he skin.
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