Monday, August 4, 2008

Salicylic acid peel and acne acars and tips on how to get rid of terrible acne fast

The third thing you need to know is hot water can actually cause your skin to dry out. Yes thats right, hot water can dry your skin out leading to future out breaks. I know hot water opens your pores, but its not worth it to me. I only put luke warm or cold water on my face now. I hope this article has helped you, you can actually check out my site below in the bio box for the ultimate guide to pimples and zits. I wish you luck in your quest for clear skin!
However, as is the case with all antibiotics, isotretinoin cannot be administered to certain groups of people. For instance, isotretinoin has been linked to foetal abnormalities, and is strictly forbidden for pregnant women or those trying to conceive. Likewise, those suffering from depression or other forms of mental stress should not take isotretinoin because it could lead to further mental irregularities.
The most common acne treatments potential side effects come under the heading of allergic reactions. There are many ingredients used in acne treatments, some of which are natural and some of which are synthetic but all of which have the potential to cause some form of allergic reaction. It could manifest itself in a number of ways, including a rash, hives, painful boils and internal reactions such as a tight chest and fever. Of course, this depends on the ingredient that causes the reaction but the majority of reactions only occur in those with extremely sensitive skin. Acne treatments do go through clinical trials to make sure that they are safe, which should reassure you that potential side effects like this are extremely rare.
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